Construction and Development

Real estate developers propel the engines of economic growth. At Redak, we are doing our part exceptionally well - 'making exceptional outcomes our norm'. We acquire strategic land holdings upon which we plan and develop real estate projects; from retail, office and industrial developments to family residences.  

Our in-house team of engineers and specialists provide top-of-the-range services in: 


  • Environmental and Pollution Control

  • Landscaping and Architecture Design

  • Site Condition Analysis

  • Advice and Procurement of Construction Materials 

  • Construction Project Management

  • Smart Technologies

  • Turnkey Projects (small-to-medium scale)

  • Government Liaison Services

Urban Planning

Through partnerships with renowned architects and leading landscape designers, Redak Development offers: 

  • Land Sub-division Planning (land use, zoning, building codes, etc.)

  • Urban Design (sub-division layout, buildings, parks, streets, lighting, pavement, etc.)

  • Utility and Services Provisioning

  • Resources Planning

  • Land Condition Analysis and Reporting

  • Social and Community Planning

  • Policy and Legal Compliance